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Cindy Drake (Lab)



VPN has provided consultants and growers with quick and accurate analyses of soil, plant, and water for crop management since 1985; it is operated by managing partner, Pacific Agronomics, Inc.

VPN is committed to superior analytical services where quality control is of the highest priority. The manager has more than 15 years of experience in biology, chemistry, and nematology.

We are dedicated to a fast turnaround time, without the need for a 'rush' request.

VPN is a well-equipped facility with high-tech instrumentation and well-trained staff. The methods used in the lab follow procedures found in the Soil, Plant and Water Reference Methods for the Western Region 2003 2nd edition.

The laboratory participates in two separate proficiency programs: the North American Proficiency Testing Program, and the Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency Program. In addition, the lab uses quality control samples from the National Institute of Standards, Washington D.C.

Instrumentation includes an Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer (ICP), a LECO Nitrogen Analyzer, a Selective Ion Analyzer, and other equipment common to analytical laboratories.

The laboratory and staff belong to the following associations:
American Chemical Society
Society of Nematologists
Soil and Plant Analysis Council
Soil Science Society of America


Soil Testing: Soils can be analyzed for fertility, salinity and completes. Single analysis can be run, such as nitrates, in addition to any of the above.

Plant Testing: Petiole, vine, and leaf samples can be analyzed for plant completes, or major and minor nutrients may be run individually.

Water Testing: Water samples are analyzed for agricultural suitability. Individual analysis are also available.

Sampling: Sampling available upon request.

Price List: A complete price list is available upon request.

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