Pacific Agronomics, Inc.

3402 W. Holland Ave. #101
Fresno, CA  93722

Phone: (559) 276-0401
Fax: (559) 272-9363

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General Manager
Scott Jorgensen

Office Manager
Ben Rudd

VPN Lab Manager
Cindy Drake

Pacific Agronomics, Inc. is a Fresno-based consulting company, founded in 1984 to provide technical services to California growers. We aim to assist growers in the implementation of irrigation and fertility. Our services include: 

Irrigation Management

Our Irrigation Management Scheduler program utilizes the water budget technique to schedule and rate irrigation guidelines for our clients. This program uses inputs including soil moisture content, irrigation records, plant growth measurements, and soil properties to model water use and plan future irrigation.

Fertility Management

We utilize pre-plant soil analysis that evaluates all major nutrients, salinity, and toxic elements to form a fertility management plan for our clients. We follow up the recommendation with plant tissue analysis to verify the accuracy of previous recommendations and identify any pending nutrient deficiencies.

Cropping Feasibility

We utilize a comprehensive approach to evaluate land for cropping feasibility. Of primary concern are the chemical and physical components found in the soil, down to the maximum rooting depth of the crop. A soil profile including topography, nematode and disease populations, and an evaluation of the water supply are also included in our feasibility assessment.

Nematode Diagnosis

We provide nematode diagnostic services in the form of count data. This information helps the grower combat nematodes by making recommendations regarding the use of resistant varieties or soil fumigation.

Laboratory Services

We operate a full-service agricultural laboratory on site (VPN Laboratory). Field sampling, laboratory analysis, and data interpretation are available on a single-sample basis, and discounts are available for larger acreage clients.

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